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We are Alpha Vet Tech
makers of Wireless Zoo

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We are a team of medical technology and data experts who want to influence the delivery of animal healthcare – delivering a positive and transformative impact on the global animal healthcare industry.

We believe that the best way to do this is to research and develop new technologies and deliver them to veterinarians worldwide. Our products are innovative, technical and data-driven solutions that advance animal health to new levels of care.

Our vision

Our vision

To be the transformative influence on the animal health industry through data-driven insight.

As the world transitions into a new data age, we want Wireless Zoo to help advance animal healthcare – providing veterinarians, healthcare professionals, universities, researchers and many others with a rich source of information and insight:

  • Enabling better healthcare decisions
  • Informing the development of new treatments
  • Helping create the vet practice of the future.
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Wireless monitoring is well-established and trusted in human healthcare, providing easier and lower stress monitoring of patients. Wireless Zoo provides this specifically for a veterinary environment with the potential to transform the way animals are monitored.

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