Choose WirelessZoo
For Optimum Ease
And Comfort

Every aspect of the WirelessZoo hardware is targeted towards ensuring practical use is easy and effective.


  • Ergonomically designed, specifically for the needs of vets
    and animals
  • IP67 rated for easy sterile cleaning
  • Pre-paired and colour-matched for easy use
  • Available in different sizes to best fit your patients (the ZooSense attachment is available in two interchangeable sizes)
  • Ready to use straight from the box, for minimal set-up time
  • Able to charge wirelessly with low battery alerts to help ensure you never run out of power
  • Durable – to withstand the usual rigours of use in practice.


By reducing the need for wired monitoring systems and regular physical checks, WirelessZoo can help to reduce stress for patients and optimise your practice’s workflow while maintaining high clinical standards.


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